www.tourismcareers.in is a tourism and hospitality HR portal, which will be a one-stop destination for all the employment seekers and employment providers across the tourism and hospitality sector to interact and engage.  Kerala Institute of Tourism & Travel Studies (KITTS) manages the portal for Department of  Tourism, Govt. of Kerala,. KITTS, established in the year of 1988, impart quality education, skill development and training in the field of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality sectors

Employment seekers will be able to search and identify jobs that suit them best and the employers can find the best resources that can fit into their job vacancies.  Both, the recruiter and the job seekers can register at the portal free of cost as well as specify their requirements. The portal will have exhaustive profile of fresher’s who have completed their courses from tourism institute like and other Govt. recognized tourism, hospitality and aviation institutes and colleges and who have done skill training through HSR/ASAP/NULM programmes.

This will also be a platform for experienced staff in the industry who look for enhanced career opportunities. The organizations can reach their target segment through this portal and can save the advertisement expenses. It also enables the employers to search and select students having necessary skill set to match your requirements in shortest time.
There will be also be automated matching of vacancy profile and job seeker profile on the basis of qualification, location, experience, salary, gender  and job seekers can apply for the matched job vacancies. The HR portal will also have provision to conduct job fairs based on the data available with the portal.


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